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Who Do You Serve?

During one of our corporate meetings, we were asked to think about what success means to us. Success for me means hearing my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ say ‘job well done my child’. I'm finding the closer I grow the Christ, the less important climbing the corporate ladder is. This may not be true for everyone as there are many Christian corporate leaders who consider themselves successful in the corporate world.

Today's post is for those that tend to struggle between serving God and man too. If you are finding yourself struggling, be encouraged that you can let go of the struggle and follow God. Just be prepared to have a work role you may not have wanted for yourself.

Many will use Colossians 3:23 as justification to overwork or strive to be successful in a secular job.“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters’. Notice, the verse states work at it with all your HEART, as working for the LORD. This means we are to work as God teaches us to work. He doesn’t intend for us to abuse our bodies and/or mind or neglect our loved ones by overworking. Nor does God expect us to abuse our fellow co-workers by stepping on them on our way up the corporate ladder. We work according to God’s commandments not the requirements or demands of people. There are not two sets of rules, one for work and one for home. God has one set of commandments and they apply to ALL aspects of our lives, including work.

God will provide for us when we keep Him first in our lives. As Matthew 6:24 states, “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money”

For me, God has called me to stop climbing the corporate ladder and be content with the role I have. I am not management but yet I am a professional. He has given me a role that fits my abilities as well as allowing me to serve Him to the best of my ability. Some may be able to handle the responsibilities of upper management or executive and still serve Christ. I, however, am not one of those and if you aren't either please accept that. You are ok in the eyes of Christ. In fact, if you are willing to accept where you are at and do more for Him, you are more than ok and He will bless you in ways that matter to you. Keep in mind blessings are not always financial or material possessions. For me, He has given me more flexibility to work at home and more time with my Him, my family and friends. All of which mean more to me than financial wealth or material gain.

Remember it's OK not to be the best as far as this world is concerned. If you are serving and putting God first, He will protect you and bless you. His blessings far outweigh any worldly rewards or accolades. Whatever your secular job title is, serve God first and He promises to keep you under His banner of protection (Jehovah-Nissi, the Lord is my Banner). Your needs will be met as long as you work for the Lord. Don't be afraid to step down or accept what you have to improve your relationship with Christ.