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Embrace God's Presence

In the depths of the earth, where minerals rest,

God slumbers peacefully, in a peaceful nest.

For deep within the soil, His presence is found,

His mighty essence, unyielding and profound.

With the dawn of each day, He awakens anew,

In the vibrant, verdant plants, His love shines through.

From the tender shoots, to the towering trees,

He breathes life into nature, with gentle ease.

In the graceful flight of a bird, so free,

God's spirit soars, in every winged spree.

From the majestic eagle, to the humble dove,

His divine touch, brings forth beauty and love.

In the creatures that roam, both big and small,

God's wisdom and grace, are present in them all.

From the lion's roar, to the mouse's scurry,

His hand guides their paths, with purpose and fury.

But it is in the heart of man, that God truly resides,

For in our thoughts and actions, His presence abides.

With the power to reason, to create and to dream,

We are vessels of His love, or so it would seem.

In our kindness and compassion, His spirit is shown,

In forgiveness and understanding, His love is known.

For we are the embodiment of His divine plan,

To spread His light, across the vastness of the land.

So let us remember, as we journey through life,

That God is in all things, amidst joy and strife.

In the minerals, plants, animals, and within our soul,

His presence is eternal, making us whole.

For God sleeps in the minerals, awakens in plants,

Walks in the animals, and thinks in man's chants.

Let us embrace His presence, in every living thing,

And let our hearts forever, with His love sing.


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