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Take Me Home

Lord, I come to you with a heavy heart,

Feeling lost, alone, and torn apart.

I've strayed so far from your loving grace,

And now I long to see your face.

I'm tired of this world and all its pain,

The constant struggle and endless strain.

My soul is weary, my spirit weak,

And in this emptiness, I seek

The promise of a peaceful home,

Where I can rest and never roam.

A place where love and joy abound,

And perfect grace is always found.

Oh, Lord, I know I've made mistakes,

But in your mercy, my hope awakes.

I long to be with you once more,

And feel your love forevermore.

So take me home, dear Lord above,

Where I can bask in your sweet love.

Where every tear is wiped away,

And in your presence, I will stay.

For in this emptiness, I know,

That only you can make me whole.

So guide me, Lord, I pray,

And take me home this very day.

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