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Send the Light

As Sarah walked through the empty streets, she couldn't help but feel lost and alone. Despite the crowds of people surrounding her, it felt as though no one could see her or hear her silent cry for help. She had been feeling this way for weeks, but it was particularly overwhelming tonight.

As she walked, she stumbled upon an old churchyard. The building was old and weathered, but it stood tall and proud. Sarah hesitated for a moment before walking through the heavy oak doors. As she stepped inside, the darkness enveloped her, but she was not afraid.

"Father, here I am again in the darkness that no one can find me but You. I am searching for You," she whispered into the silence.

For a moment, there was no response. But then, she felt a warmth spreading throughout her body. It was a feeling she had not experienced before, and it was as though something inside her was awakened.

Suddenly, the darkness lifted, and Sarah could see once again. She looked around and saw the most beautiful sight she had ever seen. The church was aglow with light, as though the building was alive.

"Send the light, dear Jesus. Send the light again to keep me from drowning in the night," she said with renewed faith.

And just like that, the light grew brighter and brighter until Sarah was bathed in its warmth. She felt a sense of peace that she had never felt before and knew she was never truly alone.

As she left the churchyard that night, Sarah knew she had found what she had been searching for. The darkness may come again, but now she knew she was never truly alone – that a light was always shining just for her.


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