Tie a Knot of Faith

Life can often be quite difficult

When troubles like eagles soar,

Making our spirit plummet with defeat

As we face sorrow, heartache and more…

Where can we seek peace and refuge

From the twirling tornadoes of trouble,

Causing us such distress and deep despair

As they multiply and double?

It's not an easy path we trod

On God's green earth below,

But with Jesus' presence by our side -

Ultimately in hope and faith we'll grow.

Tie a knot and in faith hold on -

Often deliverance is just around the bend.

God has a way with the miraculous,

So don't doubt the blessings that He's able to send.

Cling to God with humble, daily prayers

And trust in His Holy Words so true.

Solutions to your insurmountable problems you'll see

Descending from above those skies of stormy blue.

Dare to tie a tight knot of faith

And preserve with all your might,

For it may be tomorrow solutions you'll find

As you dare to believe by faith, not by sight.

(Linda C. Grazulis)

This poem spoke to my heart and soul and I pray it brings a blessing to someone. Faith is hard because it's not by sight. It's believing and trusting even when we cannot see. Most people like what is tangible and can relate to what they see and touch. It's crucial to have a relationship with Christ. A relationship takes time and devotion. What happens if you have a friend and no longer talk to them? Christ loves us and longs to be a part of every aspect of our life. Making a conscious effort to keep Him part of your life, strengthens our faith in good and bad times.

"for we walk by faith, not by sight" (2 Corinthians 5:7)