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The Smallest Seed

Some of you may have heard the saying 'don't sweat the small stuff'. I agree we shouldn't worry and fret over the smallest stressful incident, however, some small things do matter. Especially when it comes to the cause of Christ.

Ever wonder why God tends to use the ones that aren't noticed by the world? The ones that seem small and insignificant are the ones He tends to use the most. You may tell yourself you can't do anything for Christ. I used to tell myself this all the time, but you know there are small things you can do that can 'plant the seed' and end up making a huge impact for Christ.

I love to write and I love technology. God has brought the two together with social media. I have followers on Facebook that aren't my friends who eventually become my friends based on Christian posts I share. One small simple thing you can do, is when you share Christian posts on social media, make sure that they are set to public. You never know just who may see it and it gets God's name or Jesus' name in front of someone. I started changing my Christian Facebook posts from friends only to public and now I have 3 Facebook groups, my own Facebook page and a personal website. All dedicated to sharing Christ. God has grown my small ministry outreach in just a couple of years from one small personal Facebook account to other outlets. He will take your small sincere act of serving Him and grow that too. You don't have to worry about doing some 'grand gesture' for Christ. Just do and serve from your heart and He will not only bless you but others too.

Another suggestion is wearing a lapel pin that says, 'God bless you' or "Jesus loves you". On my work lanyard I have a heart shaped lapel pin that says, 'Jesus Loves You'. While we are discouraged from talking about Jesus at work, I have yet been asked to remove the pin. Which if they ask me to, I plan to explain the 'freedom' of religion as well as all the others that wear religious head wraps which are move noticeable than my little lapel pin. My work cube has Bible verses and Christian sayings posted in it. Again, there is not much they can say when it's my area and it's what keeps me focused on my work. You can also say 'God bless you' when someone sneezes or even when you leave a checkout line. For that matter whoever you pass in public, smile and simply say God bless you. This is placing God's name in their ears and possibly their hearts.

Placing Bible tracts in envelopes and/or leaving them on a table after you leave a restaurant are other small ways you can do something for Christ. You can even write 'God bless you' in the memo on a check you write or buy Christian checks.

When sharing Christ and serving Him, the small things really do matter and God will grow the small seed you plant. The smallest of seeds can grow the tallest of trees. Don't be afraid to plant that seed!

What small thing can you do today to make a big impact for Jesus Christ?

God chose what is low and despised in the world, even things that are not, to bring to nothing things that are (1 Corinthians 1:28 ESV)

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