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Seeking Your Grace

Dear Lord above, I come to You in shame,

For I have caused them pain, I am to blame.

Seeking your Grace
Image by Cynthia B. Newby

The sorrow I have caused to those I love,

I seek Your grace from the heavens above.

As the tears wash my face, I come to You seeking Your grace,

Forgive me, dear Lord, for the suffering I have caused in this place.

The love I had for them was pure and true,

But I have hurt them and do not know what to do.

Oh Lord, how I wish I had seen the light,

Before, I had acted and caused them such fright.

The wrong I have done, I cannot undo,

It's in Your hands now; I beg for You to be true.

My heart is heavy; my soul is filled with regret,

I wish I could take it all back, but I know I cannot forget.

Forgive me, dear Lord, and heal their broken hearts,

And restore the love they had to once again restart.

Your grace is unmatched, and Your mercy is boundless,

My faith in You will never be pointless.

Your love is everlasting, and Your Word is true,

And I know You will forgive me and make all things new.

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