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Look Up

Take a Look (by Donna Knapp Walrath)

When I look up in the sky,

What glorious sights I see.

God's creation shines right through,

Hope in Him I see.

I know the day will soon be here,

When raptured up above,

When I see His glorified face,

And praise Him for His love.

Sometimes we get too wrapped up in what's going on around us we forget to take time and look up. Look to the heavens and imagine what that day will be like to see the Son of God coming to get His children. While it's true we may not live to see that day; I think it's good to pause and reflect on just how wondrous that time will be. Those that are alive to witness that day are blessed, in my opinion.

This poem causes me to remember an older song that I wish to share.

"People Get Ready." If we take time each day to imagine Christ returning, I think it helps to keep our focus on Him as well as our purpose here on Earth. Looking up does remind us of His love and provides hope in a world where there is very little hope.