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If You Believe

Saturday's seem to be my poem or song day. I pray, whichever poem or song God places on my heart to share, blesses you in a special way. Today's poem is "If You Believe" by Nancy Watson Dodrill.

If you believe what scripture says

A new world opens up to you

The Lord will show you wondrous things

You would never dream were true.

A world where love is common place,

A world where peace can reign,

A world where time will never cease;

No tears, no fears, no pain.

A world that lives in harmony,

The sins of old are past,

Time becomes eternity;

Each day will last and last.

A world where hope will never fade,

A world where dreams abide;

You'll walk beside still waters, then,

With Jesus at your side.

With all that is going on in the world today, it seems it's hard to find much hope. This poem helps to remind me of the hope children of God have. The darker the world gets, the brighter our future his. Soon we'll all be home with our heavenly Father. Pray for those that do not know Christ as their savior and if you have the opportunity, share about Jesus and his love for them. I do believe our time is running out to grow the kingdom of God.