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Help Me Through, Lord

Oh Lord, I've done wrong,

I've hurt someone so deeply,

That I no longer want to live.

My guilt and shame are so strong,

I feel like I can't forgive,

The hurt I caused has made me so weak.

Deep sorrow and grief over hurting a loved one

My heart is so heavy and sore,

I can't find my way out of this mess,

My entire being is a deep lament.

Oh Lord, I'm so broken and sore,

My life has been full of regrets,

I've done wrong, and I'm so ashamed.

My tears keep flowing endlessly,

My broken soul is so full of pain,

I'm so sorry for what I've done.

I know I must try to forgive myself,

And take all the pain and sorrow,

To try and find some solace and peace.

My heart is so shattered and weak,

But I'll turn to You and seek,

Your grace and mercy to carry me through.

Oh Lord, I know I can't undo,

The wrong I've done and the hurt I've caused,

But with Your help, I can make it through.


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