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God's Words to Us

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. (Hebrews 13:16)

Sometimes people think the only way to give is through materialistic possessions when the most important charity is giving ourselves through time spent with others. Most people want someone to listen or to sit by them, so they don't feel alone. Many don't want to touch with the pandemic, and you can't see smiles through a mask unless you wear a transparent mask. We do have to be a bit more creative in taking the time now with the social distancing. If you don't feel you have words to call someone, copy a Bible verse down in a card and mail it to them. A simple 'I'm thinking about you, or I'm praying for you' means a lot to someone living alone, especially during quarantine times. It's the time taken out of your life that is the charity. Assuring someone they are not alone is helping to fulfill a need, especially during this pandemic.

God's Words to Us by Angie Monnens

As I pondered on God's love,

It made me realize

All good things He sends our way

Should come as no surprise…

He didn't give us money,

He said, "This you must earn;

All the things you wish to know,

These you'll have to learn."

Among life's miseries are joys

In blessings he gave me,

But the most important are

Faith, hope and charity.

The gift of faith we'll use the most

To steer our ship to shore,

And hope will make it possible

To open any door.

"Of all the gifts you'll find," God said,

"The best is charity.

For when you're helping others…

You show your love for Me."

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