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Follow God

Today we embark on a new year. I'm sure many of us are glad to see the year 2020 end. As we begin our walk into the new year, I want to remind us all that Jesus is our leader.

Whether this year is better or worse, He has promised to stay with us and never leave us. We may not understand His ways, but if you know the Bible, you know things will worsen; they won't get better as far as this world is concerned. Our hope remains in Jesus and the promise of eternal life with Him in Heaven.

Stand firm in the promises of God. Here is a link to help remind you of those promises https://www.gotquestions.org/promises-of-God.html. Whenever you may doubt or feel that you can't face tomorrow, remember Psalm 31:3 and turn to Him as your protector and guide. Trust in God and God alone. I pray for God to watch over you all and provide you encouragement in your walk of faith. Keep your eyes open to the ways of God as you never know what form His love for you will take.

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