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Way Beyond the Blue

The past few days, the skies have been clear blue where I live. I think of Stephen Curtis' song, 'Way Beyond the Blue', when I gaze upward and inward to the deep blue. The words, "Way beyond the blue, the Father is calling; Let Him take you to a life beyond compare." play in my mind. I can picture Jesus easily in our heavenly home, waiting for us to join Him there. Yes, it's easy to believe in the promises of God when everything is clear and beautiful.

Do you ever wonder about what is genuinely waiting beyond the blue? One day we will all eventually pass onto the other side. Only those who know Jesus as their savior will experience the "life beyond compare" mentioned in the song. Many choose to believe this life we can physically see and experience is the only life there is. I feel sad for those that cannot open their minds and hearts to the Creator of this world. They do not realize what experiences they miss by choosing not to believe in the one true living God. This life without Christ is not as fulfilling as a life with Christ. Even when it appears one has nothing this world can offer, if they have Christ, they have blessings beyond what the eye can see. Being rich without material possessions is something the unsaved or lost cannot comprehend. God calls us to live righteously even when the storm clouds cover those skies of blue so that we can be an example and testimony for Christ. Living righteously during trials and tribulations show the character of Jesus. When those dark clouds coming rolling into your life, don't forget the blue sky is still there. It just can't be seen. When you focus on what and who can't be seen will help you live a Godly life and be a shining example to the lost people of this world. Jesus is always with us and loving us.


Way beyond the blue, the Father is calling;

Let Him take you to a life beyond compare.

The passion fades and your sense of adventure

Sits collecting dust on a shelf;

The new gets old and hearts get cold.

Where's the flame that burned with excitement?

Where's the hope you once knew so well?

It's lost at sea with all your dreams.

There you stand caught between an endless sky above and earth below;

Look above and beyond what you can see to find a view of all that this life can



Way beyond the blue where the Father is calling,

Let Him take you to a life beyond compare;

His love is wider than the sky above you,

And He has plans for you that go way beyond the blue.

Like the wind carries an eagle,

Let His hand carry you now,

And show you scenes of His mighty strength.

As you rise high above all the riches that this world could give,

You will find the depth of His love,

And His grace that is lifting you up to live.


God has raised us up with Christ

And seated us with Him in heavenly places,

So that He can show the riches of His grace

To the coming ages.


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