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Victory in Jesus

I believe the first time 'never give up, never surrender' resonated through me was while watching the movie, "Galaxy Quest". There must have been something going on in my life that God knew I needed to hear those words, even if they came from a secular, comedy, sci-fi movie. God can use anything to his glory. I needed to hear those words and they have stayed with me throughout the years. This is the theme of this blog or devotion today. No matter what you are facing or how you are feeling 'never give up, never surrender". There may come a time when you think no one knows what you are dealing with or understands how hard it is to keep going. Just getting out of bed may become a challenge. Whether that time is now or yet to come, there is someone that knows all and someone that feels your pain just as deep as you do. His name is Jesus. What usually gets me out of my time of weakness is when I remember what Jesus did for all of us. Remembering the pain and suffering Jesus endured by choice, not by circumstance, causes me to gain perspective on my current situation. I'll ask myself if my current distress is anywhere close to what Jesus experienced. At any time, Jesus could have given up and surrendered to Satan. Satan tried his best to tempt Christ and Christ could have chosen to take what Satan was offering but instead, Christ let his love for us keep him on track, and that love kept him strong to face death for us. This was not a typical death either. He was beaten beyond recognition and nailed to a cross where he died for all of humanity because of God's love. Though he never sinned and did no wrong, he was falsely condemned. Fortunately, being the son of God, he arose on the third day. He still loves all of humanity even when we choose not to love him back. Usually, when I pause and reflect on what Jesus did for us and why He died for us, why he suffered for us, it's enough for me to put my focus back on Him and lean on him to get me through. He keeps me from surrendering to the darkness of what I am facing and allows me to gain victory over another personal battle. Jesus understands the physical and emotional pain. While he was hanging on the cross, he felt the pain of abandonment. Jesus became human to better relate to us. He became a living sacrifice to pay our sin debt, and thereby provide eternal life to all that surrender to Jesus as Lord, and submit their will to God. There is always victory in Jesus.

The Lord is the one who goes ahead of you; He will be with you. He will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed. (Deuteronomy 31:8)