The Thirsting Soul

Psalm 63 talks about the 'thirsting soul' that is only satisfied in God. I find this true more days than ever being under the 'stay at home' ordinance within our state. I see posts on Facebook asking about what we are learning during this time of the Coronavirus also known as COVID-19. I have been finding myself bored more times than ever which perplexes me because I'm a homebody anyway. I rarely went out much before this virus struck the world, but evidently, I went out enough for me as now that I can't go anywhere it is frustrating. Weekends are hardest as at least during the week, I do work from home so my time is filled.

I know my soul is longing for something and honestly, I've known I'm longing for time with Christ. I remember my pastors saying God may be using this time to draw us closer to Him but I feel I'm growing further away. It seems when life was more hectic, I spent more time with Christ than I do now. Do you ever find yourself going through times like this?

I'm thankful God led me to Psalm 63 today. As even tho I may not be spending time with Christ as I should, He is drawing me towards Him by the Holy Spirit urging me to read in the book of Psalms. The second part of verse one really spoke to me as in a way, we are all going through a 'dry and weary land where there is no water'. There may not be a gathering place (water) but there is always God. His love is truly better than life itself and I'm praying now that I'm in the book of Psalms I will return to my daily study time with him. I am learning through this 'stay at home' that spending time with God is all I need to fill any emptiness or void in my life.

If you're finding yourself 'thirsty' for something and you can't seem to fill that 'thirst' or 'hunger', try turning to Jesus or spend more time with Him and let His love, grace and mercy fill you.

"For You have been my help, and in the shadow of Your wings I sing for joy." (Psalm 63:7)