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The Son Still Shines

During the cold, dark, winter days isn't it awesome to know we have the Son that still Shines. He is there for us during the darkest of times and will always shine His light to show the way back from the night.

If you find yourself struggling with the winter blues, always remember Jesus is there. He's there with open arms waiting for you to come to Him for comfort. The great thing about Jesus, if you don't feel like talking, you don't have to. Let your heart, soul and the Holy Spirit inside of you speak for you. Just go to Him in silence and ask the Holy Spirit to speak on your behalf. Some times, I'll just lie in the dark and say Jesus three times slowly and that will draw Him nearer to me. He is always with me but sometimes, I need the extra assurance that He is.

If you don't know Jesus as your savior, I encourage you to seek Him and accept Him as your savior. Check the Roman Road link out under the Home heading of this site. You'll find out just how quickly He can turn the darkness into light.

May God bless you and keep you.