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Sweet Sleep

"When you lie down, you will not be afraid; When you lie down, your sleep will be sweet."

Proverbs 3:24 was given to me when I was having trouble sleeping due to anxiety. I would repeat it over until I fell asleep. This verse, however, has come to have another meaning for me and I want to share in case it helps someone else.

I lost my mother February 26, 2017 to Parkinson’s dementia and Alzheimer’s. I still miss her greatly and one day this verse came to me with an image of my mother during those last 3 days I spent with her. She was so peaceful those 3 days. She awoke only once when my aunt and I first arrived and the rest of the weekend, she was very peaceful. My mom suffered from depression and anxiety and before the dementia took hold, she would spend a lot of days in tears, fearful of what was happening to her. She loved Jesus and was a devout Christian. I struggled watching a child of God ending their life with such an ugly disease.

Once mamma took her last breath and I had time to let it all sink in. God showed me the beauty in her life including the dementia. One of those beauties, was when she laid down for the last time, she was no longer afraid. Her sleep was very sweet and when she awoke, she was in heaven with Jesus. So now, I smile thinking about that. How mom’s sleep was sweet, and she had a beautiful end to her life here on Earth.