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Somehow God Knew

God is all-knowing. Nothing takes Him by surprise as he knows the past, present, and future. We may question sometimes, but I do expect that God knows what we will ask and when. He loves us despite our doubts. Below is a poem I hope will bless you and strengthen your faith should you question a circumstance in your life.

Somehow God Knew (Joyce Mary Ecochard)

Somehow God knew

Way before you were born,

All that you'd need

To brave every storm.

He gave you the graces

And the intellect, too,

For all of the things

You were meant to do.

He perfectly made you

To accomplish each task.

Putting all things in place

Even before you would ask.

Somehow God knew

And gave without haste

All the blessings of Heaven,

Love, and good faith.

So then, do not question

The might of your heart,

For all that you've needed

Has been there from the start.

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