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Ring Those Bells! Jesus is the King!

Merry Christmas everyone! Whether you believe December 25th is Jesus' birthday, this is a day most Christians choose to honor, worship and celebrate Jesus' birthday. Just like Christians have changed a pagan Halloween Trick or Treat into a Trunk or Treat, Christians have changed a pagan Christmas tradition into a Christian holiday. What is wrong with this? Just because we may have chosen a 'pagan' day the Bible is clear on if one person chooses to set a day aside to worship Him, do not be offended. (Romans 14:5-6) It doesn't say Christians can't worship Him on a 'pagan' day. I did find another blog talking about how Christians had a love for pagans so they started to celebrate 'Christmas' different than the pagans. https://www.livescience.com/25779-christmas-traditions-history-paganism.html

They wanted to acknowledge Jesus becoming human and what better way than to pick a 'humanism' or 'pagan' day. I personally agree with this outlook. I do not believe Jesus is upset with any Christian celebrating Christmas in His name. I do believe, He doesn't particularly like it when Christians are being attacked for celebrating their belief in Him and trying to use any day, pagan or not, to introduce Him to others.

Should we spend time convincing Christians not to celebrate Christmas and not celebrate Jesus' birthday at all? Or should we do as early Christians did, take a pagan holiday and show God's love to them and each other?

I say 'come on ring those bells, light the Christmas tree, Jesus is the King, born for you and me!' Celebrate Christ and turn December 25th into a day of celebration for who Christ is.