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Rescue from Failure

I've seen a couple of quotes lately about failing, and I am asking myself what a failure is. How do we judge failure? Do we look at others around us and decide they are more successful in life than us? Is it because we don't meet someone else's expectations? Or do we look to God to see what He views as a failure? There are several definitions for failure or failing, including 'lack of success,' 'the omission of expected or required action' or 'the action or state of not functioning.' No matter how hard we try, we will inevitably fail at something. The good news is, no matter how huge a failure we think we are or how hard we have fallen, there is someone to rescue us and pick us up. Failing is not always a sin, but when it is, God is waiting for us to repent, and he is willing to not only forgive us but forget the sin. Sometimes what we think is a failure is just others having too high of an expectation. I am starting to use the word of God (the Holy Bible) to determine if I have failed to live the way God instructs us to live, or is it that I expect too much out of myself or others have too high of an expectation of me. When you fail, I encourage you to turn to God and His word.

Let the love of God rescue you.

Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28)

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