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Please Don't Kill Me!

Updated: Feb 1


Notice this verse in the Bible states, do not 'murder', not do not 'kill'. This is the correct translation of this verse. There are circumstances where God does allow the killing of others (i.e. self-defense and war).

I am writing now to those individuals contemplating suicide. Not only is suicide illegal but it is against God's commandments. No matter how you may 'feel' about yourself, you are a person. Committing suicide is murder.

Always remember YOU ARE VALUABLE! God created you in HIS image. How awesome it is to realize YOU are made in the image of God. The one true living God. God made you for a purpose and if you'll turn your life over to Him, you will not regret it. He will turn a dark world bright and open a new world to you. One that you never imagined existed. I'm not saying you'll be rich and have all the best the world can offer. You'll have all the best God can offer. God is greater than this world. Just think of what all this means to have the God of the universe showing His love and blessings on YOU. Until you develop a relationship with Jesus Christ, you won’t understand the difference between the man-made world and the God-made world. God’s way is much better.

I have known Christ since I was about 10 years old, but it wasn't until I was age 50 that I understood the meaning of total surrender to Christ. I have struggled for years with suicidal thoughts and even made a few attempts on my own life. When I surrendered totally to Christ, He opened my eyes to what I mean to Him and that was I was contemplating was murder. I was about to destroy a creation of His and I didn't want to stand before Him to explain why I felt He made a mistake by creating me. That night, He took the thoughts away and I have not had to battle with them again. He is using Christian professionals to heal me of this condition. I have an idea of what you are struggling with though every situation is different. Please know that you are loved and even if you don't feel it, YOU ARE LOVED not just by others but by the one true living God! I realize you may not want to believe in God but there is a God and He will make himself known to you if you sincerely turn to Him and ask Him to. Read His Holy Word (Romans 8) either on-line or buy a copy. I suggest either the ESV or NASB version as they are the translations closest to the original transcripts.

If you would like to know more about my story or just have someone to reach out to that understands what your contemplating, email me at cnewby.blog@gmail.com. I will encourage you to seek professional help (preferably Christian based) or even talk with a pastor. They understand more than you may think they do. Here is a link to some Christian based helplines: https://brokenbelievers.com/247-help-lines-net/

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