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Never-ending Valley

Sometimes the valley goes on and on with no mountain top in sight. We lose sight of the one walking with us and guiding us. We don't understand the path we're following and might even feel like turning back to find the last mountain we were on. We must remember not to look back as even if what we had seems better; we don't know how much better the next mountain top will be. From my experience in my relationship with Christ, each mountain top is better than the last.

I may travel this path for years, and Jesus has promised to stay with me all the way. There is comfort in realizing I will never be alone. Some of my comforts of this life may disappear. When I stay close to Jesus and trust Him to provide and guide me, he promised to fulfill my needs. I feel my trust growing and strengthening through this process.

If you're traveling through what feels like a never-ending valley, remember God's promises. Reminding myself of these promises is helping me immensely, and I pray they will help you.

The 7 Promises of God

  • I will be with you.

  • I will protect you.

  • I will be your strength.

  • I will answer you.

  • I will provide for you.

  • I will give you peace.

  • I will always love you.

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