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Love Beyond Measure

One of my pastors did a sermon this past week on the boundaries of God's love. He discussed how God's love is unconditional, and I agree. People seem to measure love based on different things. I don't think people will ever know how to love unconditionally.

Even though we will never reach the unconditional love, it is our responsibility as Christians to strive to do so. When we catch ourselves limiting our love, that's when we should turn to God and ask for his help in loving as He does. God's most important and first commandment is to love others. This commandment should be our daily goal. We are to love more and judge less. Ask God to search your heart and reveal to you where you are limiting your love and then ask him to fill you with love for others that He has for all of us.

I personally believe we should strive to not only love unconditionally but to love beyond measure.

"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another." (John 13:34)

Beyond Measure, by Michelle Stevenson

To put in words, I know not how.

Your love is beyond what I can speak, or even pen.

I cannot know the vastness that is your heart,

yet I seek you so.

To know you fully is my desire;

but can my heart contain it?

Can my mind comprehend your infinite greatness?

You see beyond my blemishes.

You forgive my every transgression.

When comfort I cannot find,

your warmth embraces me.

Peace you freely give.

This love is beyond measure.

Who am I

that I may receive a love such as this?

I have seen death and been spared,

my loved ones given back to me.

To this great love, none compare.

Treasures have you given me:

one, two, and three.

And, without a doubt, I know

your promise will I see.

Oh that I may return

a morsel of what you’ve given me.

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