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Looking For A Perfect Church?

The picture above is a clipping in one of my momma's scrapbooks. She has a binder full of church bulletins and sayings from those bulletins. She is now in heaven. Feb 26, 2020 will be her 3rd year anniversary with our heavenly Father.

As usually, I'm praying and talking with God about what He would like me to share in my next blog. Momma's scrapbook came to mind. So I pulled up some of the items I scanned into Pinterest and this one caught my eye.

In case you cannot read the picture it states:

"You're looking for a perfect church, with which you could unite? Well, if you find it, are you sure You'd always do what's right?" Then underneath is a note saying "The church needs more love and less lip, more action and less faction".

This makes me think of a saying one of our pastors says from time to time, "There is no perfect church and if you find one, it won't be perfect anymore". There is a lot of truth in what he quotes and the quote my momma saved.

Why do we think there is a perfect church home when we ourselves are not perfect? How do you think God feels when He leads us to a church home just for us to give up and walk away?

I believe God places us with a church family for a reason. He wants us staying with that family through the good and bad just like a marriage. Of course if the church no longer preaches or teaches the Word of God, that is grounds to leave. I think that's about the only acceptable reason to leave as far as God is concerned.

I know I have been hurt greatly by people leaving my church family. A sense of abandonment as if my friendship and love wasn't enough for them. Then I'm reminded, God loves me and if people leave me even in the church family, He never will. Just because others leave, doesn't mean I need to as I'm staying where God placed me and will only leave should He move me.

If you left your church home and haven't found another, please reevaluate your reasons for leaving and seek God's direction. He may want you returning to where you left and that could not only benefit you but the ones you left initially.

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