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Leaning on God's Love

Try leaning on God's everlasting love

In crisis or in soothing calm,

He'll be our source of strength in weakness,

And our healing balm.

The Holy Word states, God's our refuge;

Like a lighthouse beam pointing the way,

Leading us to lush green pastures

And a sun-filled, golden day.

So lean upon the love of God

And on His promises, too,

You'll never be left stranded--

In faith, God will steer you through.

Please never feel that nobody cares for you

Because that simply isn't true;

Our Heavenly Father is just a whisper away--

Humbly kneel to say a prayer or two.

As you speak to Him, you're soon to feel

A peace rising within your heart.

Leaning upon the love and mercy of God--

What a way, each day, to start!

Linda C. Grazulis

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