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Keep It Simple

I'm reading the book "Paul: A Man of Grace and Grit" by Charles Swindoll. In reading this book, there's a quote I'd like to share:

The first thing that came to mind when I read this was the acronym: KISS (Keep It Short and Simple). As Christians, we are to share Christ with others and help them to come to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, also known as The Great Commission.

It is better if we are careful not to make the process sound too ritualistic or complicated. If you are sharing Christ and they tell you they are already a Christian, but you don't see the proof in their life, be careful how you proceed. Remember, it is God who knows the condition of everyone's heart and everyone's salvation. Be cautious in judging someone who claims to have come to know Christ by non-conventional means. We no longer have to go through a priest to talk to God, and therefore, church attendance is not required for salvation. There are, of course, commandments God places on His children, but all of that comes after surrendering to Christ. We all grow at different speeds, and God will grow the person in His time. The absence of 'fruit in their lives' could mean God is still developing them. It's a good idea to pray for them, of course, and let God mold their heart. Let's not intimidate people we're showing the love of Christ to by adding in rules and regulations that God may not be imposing on them. Discipleship comes after conversion, and it too needs to be done with love and patience.

If you should be reading this blog and have not yet surrendered your life to Christ due to feeling you don't know how to or think there's too much involved, it is easy. Use your own words and speak to Jesus as you would anyone else. I will share an example of prayer at the end of this blog. There is also a link on my website, which will help explain how easy it is to come to know Jesus and secure eternal life with Him in heaven. https://www.christianfaithplace.com/romans-8-road-to-salvation. You do not have to go to a church altar to start your relationship with Christ. You can begin your life with Him at any time and any place.

If you have said this prayer or your version of it and have questions, there is an excellent site called gotquestions.org. You can also reach out to one of my pastors at CommUNITY Church via our website: https://www.communitychurchva.info/ or email me via my website christianfaithplace.com.

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