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Keep Hope In Your Heart

During this season of my life that has gone on for several months, Christ seems to be using poems to strengthen and encourage me. One of the worst things we can do when life's storms come is shut God out. He cannot provide us comfort and peace if we insist on blaming him or avoiding him. He never promised us life would be easy. He warned that life would be challenging, especially as children of God. We not only have people that will abuse and attack us, but we have Satan and his armies too. I still do not know what tomorrow holds, but I'm able to face each day that comes because of the promises of God. He promises to love us, provide peace and comfort to us no matter what life throws at us. He may not take the storm away, but He will give us the ability to weather it. Don't let your hope in Christ die. Choose to grow closer to Him through reading his word more and praying more. He will be there for you.

Keep hope in your heart

When your mind's filled with stress;

Call on the Savior

Through all life's distress.

He will send you His angels,

That your sorrows will cease;

They will comfort your worries

And fill you with peace.

Keep hope in your heart

When darkness appears;

Call on the Savior,

He will calm all your fears.

He'll answer your prayer,

Make right all your wrongs

By putting life's goodwill

Back where it belongs.

Sweet Jesus, our comfort,

He's our teacher, our guide;

He's the bridegroom who loves us

And we are his bride.

He taught those before us

The ways of God's will,

And through all the ages

He's guiding us still.

Keep hope in your heart,

That your life will be

The stepping stones leading

To eternity.

Where we'll abide in His kingdom,

Having crossed through life's door,

Content with our Savior,

We'll walk heaven's shore.

Nancy Dodrill

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