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Is It Too Late?

I'm a member of several Christian Facebook groups and a question was posted in one of them recently asking 'What is the unforgivable sin'? It amazed me how many do not know what this is. They assume it's a sin like lying, making promises, homosexuality, murder, suicide, and homosexuality. These are just a few that were mentioned, the list goes on. None of these are the unforgivable or unpardonable sin.

Here is a link to an article that does an awesome job explaining just what the unpardonable or unforgivable sin is: https://www.gotquestions.org/unpardonable-sin.html

I personally believe everyone has a chance to repent of any sin up until they take their last breath. To me this includes declaring there is no God. I believe a person could come to regret blaspheming God and before they die, they repent and ask for forgiveness. I also wonder if someone does blaspheme God and deny that He exists even though they know he does, does God then harden their hearts so they will never come to repentance?

Not being sure if I was believing correctly, I asked my pastor, Dan Carawan, for his opinion. I thought his explanation was clear and easy to understand so I'm including it in today's blog, just in case it helps others that have this same question.

According to Pastor Carawan " Repentance MUST take place before death. No options after death. Paul in Romans mentioned that there are times when God hardens hearts. It’s as if, in his omniscience he knows that they will never turn to him, so he “hardens their heart”. It’s like turning off the faucet of opportunity, because it is a waste to leave that faucet running".

My advice is, if you have any doubt whether there's a God or not, don't risk your eternal life by denouncing God. Instead, if you have doubts, read the Holy Bible and consult good Christian resources like GotQuestions.org. I have a list of Christian links on my website: christianfaithplace.com should you need more reliable resources. Also, the church I attend teaches the Bible and I highly recommend checking their links out at https://www.christianfaithplace.com/community-church-links

If you have denounced or blasphemed God and you are feeling guilty or remorseful, this is a good sign God has not hardened your heart. If you are even questioning whether you committed the unpardonable/unforgivable sin, this is also a good sign. If God has hardened your heart, then you will not care enough to question. Your doubts are proof you believe in God and it's time to surrender your life to Him. I love to share The Romans Road to Salvation to help people out with this. You will find a video and a meme to explain the steps on how to surrender to Christ by following this link: https://www.christianfaithplace.com/romans-8-road-to-salvation .