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In the Arms of Jesus

The last couple of days, I've been more at peace and have a sense of joy is returning to my soul. This week, I realized how much I am enjoying my time with God right before I go to bed. I try to 'talk' with him instead of praying though I still cover prayer requests. There was a time not too long ago I was afraid to go to sleep as I didn't know what my dreams would bring me. Now, as I enter my bedroom, a sense of enjoyment and peace rushes over me, knowing it's time to spend time with Jesus. I'm cherishing the time I spend with Him alone.

Now, as I lay down at night, I am imagining being in the arms of Jesus as I try to drift off to sleep. Asking myself, what will I feel like when I'm actually in His presence? I try to imagine that moment. I envision Jesus' beauty, love, peace, and joy surrounding me. I tell Him I love Him, and I'm longing for the day when I can physically hug Him and feel His arms around me. I can only imagine He gives better hugs than anyone on this planet. I admit that if I bow at his feet, just being in His presence and seeing him in person, that will be enough for me, but He knows that's not true. How can anyone face our Lord and Savior knowing how much He loved us to die for us and not want to be held by Him? Yesterday and today, I'm feeling a different type of energy. I believe this renewal is healing my mental and emotional fatigue created by months of stress and uncertainty.

When I saw this meme on Facebook, it reminded me to share my experience so that maybe someone else that is in a dark place will find the light again with Jesus. If you feel alone, desperate, or forgotten, all you need to do is find time to be alone with Jesus. No words need to be said. Just picture in your mind our heavenly Father holding you and comforting you. If words do come to mind, feel free to express yourself to Him open and honestly. After all, He knows how you are feeling anyway and wants to love you through your circumstance.

Here's a link to a song I recently discovered that I also would like to share. Maybe listening to it as you drift off to sleep will help you bring to reality that one day we will be standing face to face with the One that loves us more than anyone else in this world. Experiencing His presence is something that can carry you through anything.

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