I Pledge Allegiance to God

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

I'm ashamed the direction my home state of Virginia and America is headed in right now.

Due to the direction away from God this country is taking, I will no longer say the pledge to the American flag. I respect and admire those that are willing to place their lives on the line for what freedoms we still have and for those that have already died. I will always support the military if they continue to support the freedoms of everyone, and the government doesn't turn the military against Christians. I will stand up in the presence of the American flag out of respect for those that defend and have defended our freedoms. I will not disrespect the flag. I will honor what it used to stand for (liberty and justice for ALL…including Christians), by standing up only. I will not cross my heart as my heart belongs to God, not this country and not this world.

I am also ashamed to admit I do not know the pledge to the Christian Flag like I do the American one. What I have decided to do is memorize the pledge to the Christian flag so that when I'm in the presence of everyone pledging allegiance to the American flag, I can recite the pledge to the Christian flag instead. Does it make sense for me to pledge allegiance to a flag of a country I am not a citizen of? To me, it makes more sense to pledge allegiance to God and His kingdom, which is where my citizenship is. I cannot pledge an allegiance to a country that is clearly turning away from God. This country is turning its back on God, me and my relationship with God and therefore my love and devotion to this country is diminishing.

I feel personally convicted on this and will not judge anyone that still pledges allegiance to America or any other country. Nor am I suggesting anyone do as I do. I'm just making a public statement that my allegiance is to God and no man nor no country. I will pray and support the leaders of this country as God has instructed me to do. I will obey the laws of the land if they do not contradict the laws of God.

I am praying for boldness and encourage all Christians to do the same. We are faced with a decision of who we have aligned ourselves with. Are you for the world or are you for God? Will you take a bold stand for Him when the time arises to do so? I'm praying for the opportunity to be bold so that I can show to God and the world what He means to me and who He truly is. The King of Kings. Lord of Lords. Creator of all.

Who rises up for me against the wicked? Who stands up for me against evildoers? Psalm 94:16