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I Need Strength

I saw a Facebook post asking, "Does anyone have any song suggestions for hard times?". Instantly I thought of the song "Strength" by Dallas Holms. I will share the link to this song at the end of today's blog/devotional.

I can remember a very dark and challenging time in my life. My dad, my favorite uncle and my grandfather were all diagnosed with cancer within a matter of weeks of each other. My grandfather and uncle ended up passing away leaving my dad battling his colon cancer. I was going through divorce and battling suicidal thoughts. It didn't help that most Christians were condemning and judging me for the divorce situation and wanting to kill myself. I literally was telling myself the only way out of my marriage was through death which meant I had to kill myself. Thank God He put true loving Christians in my path and a pastor willing to talk with me and like Jesus, my pastor did not dwell on my sin or point it out to me. Instead I remember his words, 'you do not trade one sin for another, instead you ask for forgiveness and Christ will forgive you even for your divorce'.

This is not the way I expected this blog to go so there must be someone that is battling with divorce or has gone through divorce as a Christian. Please know, Jesus loves you and He forgives you. Yes sin is a divorce, but it Is a forgivable sin. A lot of Christians want to dwell on the Old Testament law about divorce instead of the story about Jesus and the woman at the well in the New Testament. Read it again (John 4:4-42). Notice how He does NOT bring out her sin. He is talking with her lovingly and the woman is the one that brings up her sin. After that, Jesus did not condemn her but said 'what you say is true' and proceeded to go on and explain who He was and what He could provide. He never once condemned her. If you have gone through divorce or are going through divorce, repent and 'sin no more' which means you are free to marry again but do not divorce again or continue to divorce as this is not true repentance.

The song 'Strength' came across the car radio on a day that I was struggling hard and I can remember singing along through tears and praying, "yes, Father I need strength just to make it through the day". God is there for anyone no matter what they are going through. He understands and He will provide the strength you need. Please turn to Him and do not rely on yourself as you will become weak and succumb to sin.

Here is a link to some Christian resources to help you through any challenge you may be going through right now.

Always remember Jesus loves you and all He wants is a relationship with you. God bless you and keep you through this season the entire world is facing right now.

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