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Hold My Hand, Lord

I saw a meme on Facebook that said 'You relax on a plane, even though you don't know the pilot. You relax in a ship, even though you don't know the captain. You relax on a bus even though you don't know the driver. Why don't you relax in life knowing God is in control?'

This meme really hit home to me, and today while trying to decide what to write, I searched out another poem. For me, the songs, memes and poems about holding God's hand touch my soul as I do imagine myself holding His hand a lot through life. That's the way I let Him lead me when life gets tough. I pray this poem will be a blessing to someone today.

Hold my hand through troubled waters,

Lord I'm tempest-tossed and frail;

Without Thee, I'd surely flounder

Like a ship without a sail.

Be my anchor, lest I perish

For there is no help but Thee.

With Thy might strength, uphold me

While I cross this stormy sea.

Sorrow's clouds are growing darker;

Paths ahead, I cannot see,

And the gales blow fierce about me...

Thou, my Savior, pilot me!

What a comfort, Lord, to know Thee!

Feel Thy blessed presence near;