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Heavenly Oranges

For He will give His angels charge concerning you, To guard you in all your ways. (Psalm 91:11)

I don't have many stories or analogies to write about. I don't feel I can remember the details to share for many of my experiences with God. While my mind fails me with the details, my heart and soul remembers all the times Jesus has been with me and helped me through this life. I desire to write about God and hopefully reach others for Christ or help fellow Christians with their walk with Christ. I have been without words for some time now, praying for the right words to say or at least something to share. However, seeking God for this week's blog, He does seem to be pressing upon me a memory.

When I was in my late 20s, I found myself divorced and facing life alone for the first time since leaving my parents' home. Living on my own was when my faith in God was strong, and I believed He could indeed do anything. I knew He loved me and forgave me for my divorce even though many Christians were not forgiving me or accepting me. I clung to Jesus tightly. I had a 1986 Dodge Charger, which was over five years old and out of warranty. It started to give me trouble from time to time. I often found it wouldn't start, and I'd have to be on my way to work either in the morning or from lunch. I had so much faith that I would pray earnestly and remind myself of Bible stories and miracles when it wouldn't start. I knew that even if I didn't have gas in the car, God could start it. Not having gas wasn't the case, but a problem with the carburetor, I later learned. God never failed to allow that little red car to start, though, except for one time that I recall vividly.

I was on my way to work from lunch, and the car stalled. Fortunately, it stalled where there was a huge gravel area, and the car made it safely to the side without me having to find help to push it there. I was searching out options and praying as usual. This time God chose not to start my car, and while I didn't understand why I knew He would protect me. The walk to the nearest service station was as far as the walk to my home. This was before the time of cell phones. My parents were staying with me at the time, and dad was a mechanic. I knew if I made it home to daddy, he would take care of my car. I headed to the safest place I knew, home and my father. Praying for safety as I walked as back then, I was terrified of people. I didn't trust people at all, and my mind was trying to imagine all sorts of negative events.

Along came an old, rusty truck that pulled alongside me as I walked. A ladies' voice asked me if I needed a lift somewhere. Even being a woman, my instincts were not to trust her and keep walking, but at the same time, a little voice telling me it was ok to accept the ride. I climbed into her truck and sat as close to the door as I could. I can't remember the conversation but remembered stories of angels walking among us. She didn't look like what I thought an angel looked like. I remember the oddest thing was she had fruit and vegetables, mainly oranges rolling around on her floorboard, and I couldn't help but wonder why. It was a truck; why were they not in the back at least or a bag? I remember her looking at me at one point and smiling as if she knew I was taking everything in and what I was thinking. Even the fact I was wondering if she was one of those angels in disguise. We reached home in a matter of minutes. She, of course, wouldn't take any money for the ride home. I remember watching the truck until it got to the end of our street, and I couldn't see it anymore. I do believe that was my experience with an angel from heaven disguised as a helpful woman.

I hope I always remember the angel and the oranges. This is a good memory reminding me of a time when I trusted God and His protection versus giving in to my fears. God rewarded my faith with a helpful ride home. God is greater than my fears, and all I need to do is surrender my fears to Him.

If you're struggling with fear today, turn your fear over to God. Ask Him to take the fear from you and trust Him to protect and guide you through whatever you are facing.

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