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God Walks With Us

I will also walk among you and be your God, and you shall be My people. (Leviticus 26:12)

Jesus is right beside us, walking through this life. We can't see Him, but if we allow our hearts and souls to let Him in, then we will experience His presence and realize the depth of His love for us. I'm starting to believe that the silence we all experience from time to time is God, allowing us to speak what's on our hearts and minds. We all have been there when a friend or family member tries to give us advice, but we fight what they say because we aren't ready to listen. Our friends and family are still there even when we don't listen, just like God is always walking with us and guiding us along His way. He's quiet to give us time to sort through our thoughts and emotions. While listening to us, Jesus is keeping us moving forward along the path of life. While we talk and share our hearts, we don't see Him gently keeping us on the path He chose for us, but He is in his miraculous ways.

Below is a short poem to encourage you.

God walks with us no matter where we go;

He leads us to His path because He loves us so.

Speak to Him for guidance. He'll answer sweet and low;

Listen with your heart, His light will ever glow.

God walks with us every hour of the day;

Let us use our minutes along His righteous way

To Heed His every Word, to thank Him and to pray;

Real peace will be ours, when His commandments we obey.

Jo March

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