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God's Got Your Back

I have had a loss for words since my mother-in-law passed last week. Probably a normal stage of the grief process. The COVID pandemic has made a sad time even worse with the social distancing.

My heart still aches at the thought of her children not being able to be by her side. All they could do is sit by her window looking in from the outside. Nurses would let them call and talk to her even though she wasn't conscious. God answered prayer by allowing one of the children to go into her room and sit with her. She was able to hold her hand, talk with her, and be with her when she crossed over into heaven. We all agree that it was God that orchestrated this scenario. He had my mother-in-law's back so to speak.

Her funeral services are tomorrow. Our pastor asked for people to submit stories about events with my mother-in-law. My husband said the common them seems to be 'mom's got our back.' Through all of the stories, she was always there, protecting and watching out for her children. I've watched through the years and witnessed how her children moved from the protected to the protectors. They had their mother's back just as she had there's.

When my husband shared the theme of all the different stories, it reminded me of a meme I made a year or so ago for our church Facebook page. One thing that helps me through tough times is knowing; God has my back. Anytime I am afraid, I do end up going to Him in prayer, and He has never failed in His love and protection over me.

There is nothing too small or too great for Him to protect us from or provide for us. All we have to do is turn to Him and trust in Him. If you don't know Jesus, I encourage you to read the Bible and learn more about Him so that you can have the assurance that God has your back.