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God is on Facebook

I know many of you see the posts on Facebook about ‘If God was on Facebook, would you be His friend’. The truth is, God is on Facebook. God is everywhere including Facebook. The question is not are you God’s friend, the question is are you the world’s friend? My friends talk about how bad Facebook is but do they really stop and consider what makes them say this? For me, Facebook has turned out to be a source of encouragement and a way to share Christ. Deactivating Facebook doesn’t remove the world or the ugliness that is taking over the world. I challenge you to find a way to use Facebook to glorify God and not the world. It’s fine to share photo’s with friends and family as that’s sharing love but if you’re experiencing too much drama on Facebook, here’s some tips:

  1. Unfollow the dramatic friends. You do not have to unfriend, just unfollow. Or if you see the dramatic posts, you can click in the upper right-hand corner that says ‘snooze for 30 days’ or unfollow or even block. If you unfollow, you can keep up with your friend from time to time by going directly to their profile page.

  2. Like Christian encouraging and inspirational pages. This will fill your feed with Biblical posts verses the worldly drama.

  3. Join Christian groups. There are some very good groups out there and I’ll share my 2 public groups at the end of this post. I try to monitor mine regularly to keep out the drama. If I miss any, just let me know and I’ll immediately remedy the situation. If the groups you join have too many posts in your feed, you can either unjoin or just unfollow. Unfollow will stop the posts and you can still share with the group when you feel like it.

  4. Pray for the users and owners of Facebook. Whenever you read something and roll your eyes and think ‘here we go again, drama, drama, drama’. Pray for the people involved.

Facebook can be a very enlightening and glorifying experience for Christ. Are you up to the challenge or will you turn and run? You can’t run and hide from the world so why do that with Facebook? Facebook is a very good training ground for sharing Christ with others in the ‘real world’. Trust me, I’ve deactivated my account multiple times until God showed me a way to use social media for Him.

Below are my two public Facebook Groups which have recommendations for other groups.

Memes and Bible Verses Facebook Group

Ministry for Christ

The eyes of the Lord are in every place, Watching the evil and the good. (Proverbs 15:3)

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