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Freedom or Slavery?

Sometimes I try to anticipate what those who do not know Christ may question. I know God will prepare me and provide what words I need but most of the time I feel inept at sharing the Gospel of Christ. One of my pastors has told me this is why it's important to stay in God's Word. By at least reading the Bible daily, God's word is in my heart and mind so God can pull out what is needed when it is needed. If I'm not in His word, then there's nothing inside of me to use. I need to develop more confidence and trust in Christ with this aspect of my relationship with him. For example, reading Romans is causing me to meditate on freedom from sin verses slavery to Christ. While my heart and soul understands this, when it comes to articulating what it means I'm finding myself at a loss for words. I'm wondering how to explain this when someone that doesn't know Christ wants to know why they should trade slavery to this world for slavery to Christ. How do I explain to them that slavery to Christ is actually freedom and eternal life where slavery to this world is bondage and eternal death? Reading a devotional today the analogy clarified this a bit so I want to share this in case it helps other that may not quite understand this or don't know how to explain this to the lost. This excerpt is from "New Morning Mercies" by Paul David Tripp: "It contradicts our normal thinking, but the doorway to freedom is submission. When I acknowledge that I am a danger to myself and submit to the authority, wisdom, and grace of God, I am not killing any hope I have for freedom. The opposite is true. Humble admission of need and humble submission to God open me up to the freest of lives. I was created to live in worshipful and obedient dependency on God, and when grace restores me to that place, it also gives me back my freedom. It may seem constricting that the train always has to ride on those tracks, but try driving it in a meadow and all motion stops. So grace puts you back on the tracks again and gives you the freedom of forward motion, which you can have no other way." I don't know about you but I'd rather have freedom to move forward with Christ than staying chained to world of sin that keeps me in the same place where I either go in circles or stop completely. I do have a much greater sense of freedom knowing I am progressing forward with Christ than I had without Christ.

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