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Embracing Life

Finding myself struggling for words to write, I started looking at poems and God's word for inspiration. I came across this poem and want to share it today as my devotional blog. I hope it brings encouragement to those that may be struggling such as I.

Embracing Life (by Helen M. Motti)

Some roads are rough to travel, And through dusty trails, we’ve run.

We’ve watched as dark clouds covered skies Abandoned by the sun.

But, anywhere we chance to be, We know we are secure,

All surely part of God’s great plan With courage to endure.

For He had made things beautiful, His gift is in each day.

The worth is ours for spending here, Look up! He’ll show the way.

And if we follow, God will give A time to laugh and heal –

To make each moment meaningful, Embracing all that’s real.

We have a treasure in our lives Worth more than any gold;

With arms outstretched, He gives His hands For each of us to hold.