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Don't Put God In a Box

I'm posting daily devotionals in my Facebook group God's Stream about people learning from and/or seeing God in animals and relationships with animals. I've had an experience with our newest addition, Nick which proves God speaks to animals too.  I took a bit of advice from a couple of my sisters in Christ in my church home and started praying for and over Nick.  We're having a bit of a situation with him and his 'housebreaking' that's adding to the daily stresses. So I started praying.  Placing my hands on Nick as I pray. Asking God to please talk with Nick and explain to him, he needs to go outside not inside.  That I knew He could speak Nick's language.  That Nick was one of His creations and that I have no doubt Nick is a gift from Him.  Then when I'd let him out and Nick was taking his time, I'd still pray, please, please tell him to go out here as I can't bear having to find him a new home over this.  Sure enough in a matter of seconds, Nick did his business.   Ken usually lets Nick out in the mornings and it started his days off bad when Nick wouldn't 'go'.  So I started asking Ken if he did what he was supposed to and every day this week, Ken has said Nick has done good.  He's doing what he's supposed to. Even if Nick is still a bit reluctant to go out in the 'grass' Ken's been able to get him there.  We've also started using treats to give him to help reinforce this is what we want him to do. I thank God every time Nick does what he's supposed to and I have no doubt, God is helping us with what some may never consider praying about.  Never put God in a box, that has always been my motto.  Some say it's 'mysticism' to expect God to do the impossible.  Not me.  There is nothing on this Earth that doesn't have God in it. I challenge you to think of anything that doesn't have the hand of God.  Nothing man has created is all man.  Man has had to use what God touched first to create 'man' creations.  Even the internet...there'd be no internet without God.   I believe it pleases God when we turn to Him for the smallest of things.  This to me shows true faith.  It’s easy to pray for the big, major issues but the smallest of details shows God, we see Him in all things and we understand He can do all things.


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