Bless and Be Blessed

It may not always be easy, but as a person of faith, God calls upon you to serve others and bring his light to them. In many ways, the act of being charitable is a reward in itself — but many of these verses note that God will reward your efforts to share his blessings. (Jamie Ballard)

Today, I had to humble myself a bit and finally post on social media a request for help in finding employment. God seemed to place on my heart to do so. I tend to think I am all alone and that I have to survive all alone. When I say alone, I am married, so I mean 'we' are alone in our walk through this life and rely on each other and God. I stick to the belief that once married, we become one, so sometimes when I speak for 'me,' I'm speaking for both my husband and me.

I find it difficult to rely on, trust, and turn to people for help other than prayer. I can solicit prayer for myself, but that's where it stops.

God is telling me that I may be taking a blessing away from someone by not giving them a chance to be part of His plan to bless me with another job. I haven't had an issue admitting that I'm weak and scared, but to realize I need people is hard for me.

The fact is, God created us to need each other, and this may be what He's trying to teach me through all of this—telling me not to isolate myself even thru a pandemic but to reach out and to accept others. By allowing others to help me, I'm receiving a blessing. I've always been willing to help others, and in fact, that's what drives my customer service passions. Knowing that I have helped someone work through an issue makes my day. It stands to reason other people like me want to do the same and that there are people that want to help me.

If we choose to go it alone, we may miss out on a huge blessing from God. Not only should we strive to be a blessing to others, but we should also be willing to accept gifts from others regardless of their shape or form. As the quote at the beginning of this blog states, God rewards our service to others, but I believe He also rewards when we accept the assistance from others.