Better Is A Little...


My favorite books of the Bible are the Book of Psalm and Proverbs. Someone once suggested reading a chapter of Proverbs every day of the month. Some months I do this, and I decided to do this for the month of February.

Writing and sharing my thoughts publicly is new to me. I just started this towards the end of 2019. I don't have topics right off and spend time praying over what it is God wants me to write about. Today, He seems to be impressing upon me Proverbs 15:16. This may be due to the prosperity gospel that seems to be sweeping the world. This is a false doctrine. God never promised us our blessings will be in material gain such as a new home, new car, or lots of money. In fact, we will find the opposite to be true more times than not.

I'll concentrate more on the first part of this verse. "Better is a little with the fear of the Lord" It's important that we realize, God is all we need. It's better if we focus on that instead of accumulating wealth or worldly goods. One reason God may not allow Christians to be blessed materialistically is to show the world that Jesus is enough. Jesus is all we need. When the lost see Christians joyful and content with a little, it makes them question more as to what the reason is and opens doors for us to be testimonies and witness for Christ. The unsaved world assumes money and power are the secret to happiness when, Jesus Christ is the secret not to just happiness but true joy.

God's blessings are usually found in the form of joy, peace, love and contentment. I really do like Proverbs 15:16 as it is something I have been striving to achieve. God has blessed me with life balance between Him, my full-time job and my marriage. I don't have a lot of what people our age with no children have. We don't have the funds to travel to exotic places and sometimes don't even take a vacation. I did our taxes today and with our income, I'm not sure why we aren't better off financially but you know what? I'm happy. Better than happy, I have true joy. I'm content and I can honestly say for once in my life, I enjoy living. We may be giving too much away to others in need and treating our friends more than most friends do, but I'd rather do that and be content than selfish and miserable.

Tomorrow may bring less than what we have now, but my husband and I still have each other, and we will always have God. Being able to find joy in trials and tribulations or in having less than most, is worth more to me than all the money in the world. I have not yet seen where money has ever brought joy or peace like what God provides and I do know some well off people. While they have plenty of nice 'things', they don't seem to have true peace and joy on the inside. It's easy to smile but if you look close enough, you'll notice the smile is not reflecting what is going on in their heart and minds.

Not all Christians are poor. There are wealthy "true" Christians as even Solomon of the Bible was blessed with wealth and from what I recall He was content and at peace. For the most part though, wealth doesn't bring happiness, it just brings a different set of trials and worries. There's a reason God speaks more about being blessed by a little than a lot. Having more to me, provides more temptation to stray from God by placing more value on what one has here on earth, verses all that we need which is God.

As with most of my writings, this is the point where I will encourage anyone that doesn't know Jesus Christ or may be struggling with their relationship with Him, to please turn to Him. Jesus never leaves us but we tend to leave him. Strengthen your relationship with him by reading his Word (the Bible), praying and attending a local church.