Beauty Everywhere

I'm having to work from home more due to the world-wide pandemic. I decided to buy a bird feeder to place outside my home office window. I thought it would help get me through the work day to have something pretty to look at from time to time. It took a few days for birds to appear. First there was just one small finch that would show up and feed. That little bird brought a lot of happiness to me and then today, a bright yellow finch showed up. I love the color yellow and this little fellow really stood out among the other small gray finches.

I came across the below poem today and want to share it as it reminds me of the beauty I am experiencing now with my small bird feeder and little flying friends now surrounding it. They are all unique and beautiful in their own way. Just as God created all of us to be unique and beautiful in His eyes.

May God bless you all.

There’s Beauty Everywhere (by Elsie Natalie Brady)

There’s beauty in a drop of rain

Upon a fragrant flower

As it glistens in the sun

After a brief shower.

There’s beauty in a curly tress

Disheveled and windblown,

And a chubby freckled face –

The child that is your own.

There’s beauty in a sprouting seed

Upon a sturdy vine

That eventually may feed

Somebody at some time.

Beauty need not be a work

Of art divine and rare;

It is the handiwork of God

And present everywhere.