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All Things Through Christ

One of my life verses of the Bible is Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". I've recited this verse many times through the years from youth to adulthood. I didn't realize that some people have taken this verse incorrectly to mean that this means we can do everything Christ does and did. This is not the meaning of this verse. The verse doesn’t say ‘I can do all things. The verse says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. This doesn’t mean we can perform wondrous works or walk on water like Christ. This means Christ will give us the strength to face challenging events or circumstances. To me, it means more of I can do all things with Christ as without Him I am weak.

For example, I was a very shy and backward child that grew to develop social anxieties. I was raised in a church, but I had my family around me as a youth so the social anxieties in church didn't become noticeable until I joined a church as an adult with my husband. I struggled with this probably more than my pastors realized because I was determined to do what God wanted me to do, not what I wanted to do. I wanted and still want to be who God created me to be and all that He created me to be. This is my daily strive. I still turn to this verse with difficult challenges I’m faced with.

Any time I was anxious about attending church, I would repeat Philippians 4:13 repeatedly and He provided me the strength and peace to sit among over 100 people so I could obey and worship Him. Our church is now averaging more like 300 and He has allowed me to grow with the church so that now, even though I still have to sit in the back on at the end of a pew, I'm not nervous or anxious like I used to be. I can even go to church without my husband should I need to because again, I'll just tell myself that 'I can do all things through Christ'. I have faith, that whenever I am anxious or uncertain or even insecure, all I must do is remember God is with me. There is no need for me to fear as Romans 8:31 states "If God is for us, who is against us? '

God has strengthened me in various situations, including my secular job. When deadlines loom or I'm given something I'm not sure I can accomplish, I will pray and quote 'I can do all things through Christ' and it is amazing just how He will work through me and provide whatever resources or time I need to accomplish the task at hand. Without me even having to ask someone else for help.

Just last fall I was asked to do a video recording for a Christian conference in Kenya. I am someone that hates videos, hates her voice, hates the way I look on camera and didn’t have clue what I would I even say. I kept praying. I kept reminding myself I can do all things through Christ. This is for Him and He’ll provide the words. I also have been blessed with an awesome Pastor and mentor who encouraged me. I give credit to God for whatever words were spoken and any blessings that were received because of that video. My point is, I would have backed out of this if I had relied on my own self. I never would have been able to boost my confidence the way Christ did.

Whatever you’re facing that fears you or causes you anxiety, try meditating on this verse and ask God for the strength to get you through. He is always faithful to provide. We can do all things through Christ if we are with Christ.