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A Mountain or a Valley?

I recently posted the above question on Facebook. When I posted it, I was at a stage where I could see no end to the pain of the deep depressive episode I was experiencing. Unfortunately, it didn't seem like I had much choice, and whether climbing a mountain or going through the valley, I still had a very dark never-ending path to follow. I felt like I was making no progress either way.

I received two good responses that helped me, which are listed below.

"A mountain I can't reach the top. At least I can get to some higher level on a mountain to get a different vantage point. Stuck in a valley limits the view."

"Doesn't matter; it's the journey that carries the importance. It's what it is all about, not what you get when you reach the top or the other side."

I believe Psalm 23 is the best verse to meditate on and memorize if you ever feel like I have. But, as in valleys, there are usually green pastures too. Reaching a green pasture is the time we take to rest in our Lord. So quit trying to achieve making it to a mountain. Instead,

during the valley, let God carry you towards the Mountain.

We may think it never ends, but everything on this Earth ends eventually. Our reward is after this life. We do not focus on the Mountain top; we focus on Jesus and His love for us. We focus on building our relationship with Christ. If you choose the mountain top to climb, the same applies.