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This page contains links to inspirational Christian fiction and non-fiction books that are highly recommended.  Most can be found on amazon.com or christianbook.com


Joshua had dreams about an alternate life, about a man who looked just like him. When they are united, they find a common enemy in an evil young woman who possesses supernatural powers.  


Joshua Carpenter's son missed the rapture! Fortunately, Ryan's father prepared for just such a possibility. God has bigger plans for Ryan. Enter into the world of the Tribulation Period and see how the AntiChrist plans to control humanity and set himself up as god.

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Ryan survived the Tribulation Period and has entered into the Millennial Kingdom. Journey with him as he becomes the Last Evangelist to all who have been born during this 1000 year reign of Christ.  Witness the dramatic conclusion of humanity upon the earth before meeting Christ on his Great White Throne of Judgement.


Blotted out is the final addition to the Four Seasons of the Future. This book takes you through the Great White Throne Judgment Seat of Christ and into the eternal state with a walk through the New Jerusalem.


This book is essentially a commentary on the Beatitudes found in the book of Matthew in the New Testament, yet a commentary unlike many you may be used to. 


In Being the Believing 2.0, Thomas McCracken unpacks the Beatitudes, from the greatest sermon ever preached by the greatest preacher who ever lived, Jesus Christ. In doing so, he identifies the difference between doing good and being good—a difference that can change your life.


Contrary to popular belief, doubt is not the opposite of faith. Rather, doubts call for an important decision—will you give in to unbelief, or will you continue the journey toward faith?

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